First reviews!

This morning, the website A Valley and Beyond posted a review of the opening performance of Journey from the East last Saturday afternoon:

Out of everything I have experienced and covered in 44 years, Journey from the East is one of the most unique, different, and for lack of a better term: WOW / UNBELIEVABLE experiences ever! This is must experience for everyone!

A little later, as we poured another cup of coffee & cracked open the Morning Call, Kathy Lauer-Williams’ review caught our eye…

Touchstone Theatre has created a fascinating, thoughtful and creative piece of theater in “Journey to the East,” a free, large-scale, outdoor performance that continues through this weekend at the Chinese Harmony Pavilion on South Bethlehem’s Greenway. It’s the conclusion of a two-year project exploring the impact of the Chinese community in Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley. The show combines elements of the American Wild West with Chinese mythology an adventure that certainly is unlike anything else you have ever seen in the Lehigh Valley, taking the audience on unexpected journeys featuring fantastical dragons, demi-gods and ghosts who intermingle with a disgraced gun-slinger, a feisty saloon owner and a Bible-spouting preacher, in amusing and enlightening ways.

Now that makes for a lovely morning! Thanks, friends!

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