Victor H. Mair will lecture at Touchstone after “Journey” opening

Victor_MairVictor H. Mair, the eminent scholar in Chinese Literature, will deliver a lecture at Touchstone Theatre after the opening performance of Journey from the East, 6 pm, April 18. His topic will be Chinese Literature and The Journey to the West. He is coming at the invitation of his colleague and our mentor Norman Girardot, emeritus professor of Asian Studies at Lehigh University, which just happens to be in the neighborhood!

Dr. Mair has edited the standard Columbia History of Chinese Literature and the Columbia Anthology of Traditional Chinese Literature, and has been a major advocate of the use of pinyin, the alphabetic script for writing Mandarin Chinese. He has taught at Harvard (where he earned his Ph.D) and is presently on the faculty at University of Pennsylvania.

He has translated the Dao De Jing, the Zhuangzi, and The Art of War; he has worked in interdisciplinary research in archaeology; and is a contributor to the language blog Language Log.

We’re really looking forward to Dr. Mair’s visit!

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