An Hour with a Tai Chi Master

????????With the first draft of the script coming in this week, the cast preparing to work on ensemble devising next week, and new stories of Bethlehem’s Chinese-American community constantly pouring in, it’s an exciting time for Journey from the East, year one, as we move towards our April performances. In preparation for the coming rehearsal process, Mary invited Tai Chi master and personal friend Bill Newman to share some of his craft and expertise with Touchstone. Watching him demonstrate the grace and fluidity of Tai Chi, as a movement practice and a state of mind, was incredibly inspiring; we’re all feeling very fortunate to have him onboard as a movement adviser for the production.

“[It comes from] feeling the ground… sourcing movement out of the earth, where your center is – how it wants to fall.”

“The sensitization of forces aligned against you. Don’t resist the force – you move with the force and start to turn. […] Any force used against you, you yield and redirect.”

“90% of the physical work is recognizing old habits. If I can recognize the habitual patterns as I’m falling into them, only then can I begin to change.”

“Don’t force, don’t hurry; in hurrying, you stop paying attention.”

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