From Jp – Pay No Attention to the Shadow Puppet Behind the Curtain

About a 20-minute metro ride from center city Shanghai is the area know as Qibao. Qibao is a tourist attraction which tries to recreate what it would be like in a canal town before modernization. PICT6084

If elbow-to-elbow people and plastic trinkets are what pre-modernization canal life is about, well then we experienced it today. While we did have some amazing crab and shrimp dumplings there, our main mission was to see a shadow puppet show, which took place at an actual shadow puppet museum.
Well… the puppet show was cancelled. But… we did get to look backstage!PICT6091 PICT6092 PICT6093 PICT6094 PICT6095
These people clearly knew their business. One of the most interesting things to me was the ability of the shadow puppets to be broken down and used in different configurations, mainly the replaceable heads. There was many cabinets filled with different interchangeable heads.
Here’s some vintage puppets  (sorry for the low quality; shooting through glass is no bueno):PICT6104 PICT6105
More to come…
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