From Emma – I Am the 12.5%

Touchstone Backstage

We have a whole cadre of Lehigh students that have been frequenting the theatre, Chinese-American students who are helping us with translation and story-gathering. On their first meeting, I’m passing through and Mary introduces me to the class. “This is Emma Chong,” she says.

When she says my last name, I swear you can see ears prick up.

This is part of something that has been going, more or less, since the first Pan Show, when I got (almost accidentally) cast as Dynatite. Dynatite was supposed to be exotic, foreign. I’m kind of vaguely like that.

I asked my dad what the break-down was, recently, of his parents’ racial background. I am one eighth Chinese, one eighth Cuban, one quarter Korean from my dad’s side, and half Russian/Jewish from my mom’s side. Three-eighths Asian (37.5%), one eighth of that Chinese (12.5%); that’s it. In my eyes, I don’t look…

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