Excerpts from Summer Interviews

JftEmerch-smalllongThis summer has seen the first few rounds of interviews – with other members of the project, with the community, and with guests from Chinatown. Take a look at what we’ve started gathering:

“We were doing some work down there, on the Greenway. A couple of Chinese folks came along, and a coworker spoke to them, with a few words of Chinese. And they burst into a smile and just started rattling off Chinese like nobody’s business […] And I thought, ‘Oh man, you’ve asked for it now; you opened the door.’ And I loved being able to connect, and it’s very frustrating not being able to connect.”
– Mr. G, a local community member

“They don’t seem to want to speak English, or can’t. It’s a major disconnect… [They’re] like ghosts.”
– Mr. S, a local community member

“It’s like people know smoking is bad, it will kill you one day, but they still smoke. That is what the gambling is like.”
– Mr. T, a Chinese tourist

“My dad has gambling problem. He actually, before casino was here, he heard about it and came over here to the bridge and watched how they were building it […] And he would just stand there and watch people pour the concrete. He was really anticipating it.”
– Mr. S, a local Chinese businessman

“I would say, ‘Welcome.’ I would encourage them to explore a little further into the community […] And I just think it would be nice if we could embrace them a little bit more.”
– Ms. L, a local community member

“I want a reminder that as different as we are, we’re also just as similar. A new reminder that diversity is enriching. A new reminder that there are market opportunities here. A new reminder that there are crooks that will take advantage.”
– Mr. J, a local community member

“The dialect [of the dealers], I don’t understand; the games, I don’t understand; but I love this beautiful little city.”
– Mr. C, a Chinese tourist

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