From Jp – Journey from the East

Touchstone Backstage

Hello, blog readers and friends of Touchstone!

Touchstone is embarking on its next epic community undertaking! Journey from the East is a two year project that will investigate the impact on Bethlehem, PA of the sudden influx of Chinese transients drawn to the recently opened Sands Casino. The first phase of the project will find the Touchstone artists out in the community gathering stories from local residents and transients alike in order to paint a picture of how this interaction is actually taking place. Dr. Connie Cook and Dr. Dong-Ning Wang of Lehigh University will be aiding the project by enlisting student help as translators to breach the communication divide between the Touchstone artists and our new Mandarin speaking guests. This story gathering process will wrap up sometime in the fall of 2013 and as an initial distilling of these stories, a script will be developed and directed by Touchstoneā€¦

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1 Response to From Jp – Journey from the East

  1. Bill George says:

    Blessings and good fortune on this work.

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